Emili Fletcher

Many people say life doesn’t go according to plan. We all know that to be true. Life goes up and down with many bits and pieces that make our story. As we are going through our life we may not understand or want parts of our story that entail grief and pain. YOUR story is what makes you, what has happened in your life, and what hasn’t happened in your life. Many of us tend to have expectations of who we are supposed to be and how to navigate life, that we may forget to live life. Life isn’t about pushing through, dread and pain. It’s about the hope that pain and loss can be grieved and change can happen in your heart.

My support comes from a place of empathy and understanding. I practice from a strengths-based perspective utilizing the person-in-environment approach. I am eclectic in my approach as I support you with acceptance and compassion as you navigate difficult places in your story.

My hope is that you don’t navigate life alone and that you have the support and compassion that we all need in life.